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This year, I celebrate 37 years in the retail travel industry, 9 of which has been as the proud owner of Lomani Luxury Travel. During the course of these many years, I have been truly fortunate to travel to some fabulous countries and stay in some wonderful hotels however, there are still many on my personal ‘bucket list’.

As I often get asked whether there are still places that I would like to visit, I thought I would share some of my travel wish list with you.

🇧🇼 Botswana – I adore animals and wildlife and the thought of watching animals bathing or drinking from the Okavango Delta whilst sitting quietly in a dugout canoe with just the sound of birdsong is a huge attraction.



🇯🇵 One of the most diverse and intriguing countries in the world – a journey on the Bullet Train, seeing the snow monkeys, having tea with a Geisha and learning all about their history and unravelling some of the mystery that they exude, the neon lights of Tokyo and taking an emotional visit to Hiroshima all contribute towards my fascination with this destination fuelling my need to go there!

🇸🇨 Likened to the Garden of Eden, the Seychelles are regularly described as paradise on earth. Again, the nature on these islands contributes towards my yearning to travel there – giant tortoise, coco de mer, throngs of birds and some of the most stunningly beautiful beaches to be found anywhere in the world.


🇷🇼 A visit to Rwanda to see the gorillas in their natural environment would be the most emotional journey that I would ever take. There’s something very special about these magnificent animals – a tear or two would be shed if I was ever fortunate enough to watch them interact with their families in their habitat.


🇨🇦 Close but no cigar as the saying goes – I have been to Vancouver and Vancouver Island around an Alaska cruise but time didn’t allow for getting up to the Rockies.



🦎 The Galapagos (yes more animals and nature) has been on my travel wish list for some time. Here you get to see some ‘wildlife’ that you won’t see anywhere else in the world.


The Aurora Borealis – natures own spectacular light show, who wouldn’t love to experience this first hand?!



🇮🇹 Sardinia, Sicily, Tuscany, Florence, Venice, Positano and the Italian Lakes all make it on to my list for Italy. This year I get to revisit Rome, where I have spent a lot of time many years ago but in just a few weeks time I also get to ✅ Naples and Capri off the list ❤️


🇪🇬 Nile cruise ⛴. Watching life and centuries of history pass you by whilst relaxing in the warm Egyptian sunshine and visiting some of the most historic sites on earth, learning and experience it at close hand all has the WOW factor for me.


🇹🇭 Anantara Hotels Resorts & Spas Golden Triangle Elephant 🐘 Camp & resort – speaks for itself as you’re getting a picture of my interests by now ☺️


🇰🇪 Giraffe Manor 🦒, Kenya – who wouldn’t want to dine with the Giraffes each morning!?



🇻🇳 History, scenery and warm, friendly people. The Mekong Delta, Cu Chi tunnels, the lanterns of Hoi An, Halong Bay with the many limestone karsts…. Just so much to see and experience alongside the delicious cuisine.



🇲🇺 Mauritius – an Indian Ocean island surrounding by reef, with breathtaking mountains and some stunning beaches! I’ve had many clients travel here over the years and all have come back with positive feedback and happy memories. That’s enough to make me want to experience it for myself and create some wonderful travel memories on the island first hand.


 🇮🇳 Indiaaaaaahhhhh.  The sights, sounds, smells of this destination are unique, exhilarating and intoxicating – some some of the words clients have used after amazing holidays in India.  I will get to sample this for myself one day ❤️

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