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Though the indisputable appeal of visiting Cambodia comes from its centuries-old architectural prowess, rich history, natural beauty and authentic cuisine, Cambodia is profiting from a burgeoning reputation as a coveted travel destination rivalling its neighbour, Thailand. This is the result of efforts to regenerate and modernise Cambodia’s main cities and thanks to increased business from entrepreneurs that have taken notice of Cambodia’s untapped potential to become the next big destination in the East. The reason it should be the next place to tick off on your bucket list is that, with tourism still rebuilding, there’s never been a better time to visit these sites without the usual crowds.

The reasons to visit Cambodia are multifarious and compelling; who wouldn’t want to visit a place with awe-inspiring temples, breathtaking landscapes and some of the friendliest locals in the world?

Today we’re going to give you our top five reasons why now is the time to visit Cambodia!


There has never been a better time to visit the ancient temples of Angkor Wat. The UNESCO World Heritage site is known for drawing millions of visitors a year to Cambodia as a fascinating temple complex and the largest religious monument in the world. However, with tourism still rebuilding, travellers can experience this wondrous place without the usual crowds; an opportunity that may never arise again! The changing glow at sunset and sunrise cast Angkor Wat in a special light, making it a particularly spiritual time to take a tour.


Both the main gateway of Siem Reap and the capital of Phnom Penh have historically not been considered the ultimate ‘must see’ cities in Southeast Asia, however both have gone through something of a renaissance recently and are coming into their own as vibrant and exciting destinations to visit. Not only has the Cambodian government spent a great deal of time and money regenerating the areas—making them cleaner, greener and generally much more accommodating to tourists—but both have had a real injection of style over the last few years. Both Siem Reap and Phnom Penh now enjoy a repertoire of luxury accommodation, bustling bars and cafes, interesting museums and a superb selection of boutiques and restaurants.
An experience like no other, Shinta Mani Wild is a bucket-list property offering a luxury jungle adventure. Located in the South Cardamom National Park, roughly a 2 hour drive from Sihanoukville Airport, this experience takes glamping to a whole new level. Luxury tents were purposely designed with elegance and conservation in mind and come with personal butler service and unlimited spa treatments. Follow this up with an enthralling schedule of activities and the result is a unique and memorable stay. Guests have the choice to arrive at the property by jungle jeep or in ultimate style by zip-lining their way across rivers and past tumbling waterfalls. Spanning 800 acres, Shinta Mani Wild is considered to be one of Southeast Asia’s last great wildernesses.
Cambodia may be better known for its kinetic cities and ancient temple complexes, but it also homes some of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful beaches. Koh Rong archipelago is a vision of paradise marked by white sands and the Gulf of Thailand’s azure waters. There is just as much discovery to be done beneath the water with the many marine species that can be readily seen on snorkelling trips around the island. Complete with luxury resorts such as Song Saa Private Island and The Royal Sands Koh Rong, the island is easily one of Cambodia’s top must-see destinations.
Right on the doorstep of Siem Reap is one of Southeast Asia’s most unique natural and cultural attractions: Tonle Sap Lake. At its fullest, it is the largest freshwater body of water in Southeast Asia, stretching some 250km across Northwest Cambodia. A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, it hosts roughly 300 species of freshwater fish, 11 of which are globally endangered, as well as numerous rare and endangered birds, crocodiles, and monkeys, making it a veritable paradise for lovers of nature.

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