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We often review clients travel insurance policies as it is essential that when travelling abroad, our clients have peace of mind that all eventualities are covered, should the need arise.

Most often, we are asked about situations where clients themselves, or one of their close family relatives, have pre-existing medical conditions. Our advice is to always ensure that the insurance company is made aware of these conditions and that written confirmation specifying any medical declarations made, is obtained as soon as cover has been accepted and the premium has been paid.  This is also the case even when a close relative isn’t travelling on the holiday!

Fundamentally, insurers have to be informed of any situation that you are aware of, when taking out the policy, that has the potential to give rise to a claim. This should always be done at the time of premium quotation and prior to the policy being issued.

Should a new medical diagnosis occur or an existing condition change once the policy has been issued, the insurers should be informed immediately.

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The appropriate level of cancellation cover is another recurring query. You should always ensure that the full per person cost of the holiday is reflected in the level of cancellation cover stated on the policy. Cancellation fees vary hugely between tour operators and even between different holiday itineraries so being prepared for 100% charges in the unlikely event of having to cancel, at any time after booking the holiday, should be considered when taking out travel insurance.

Although we, like many other travel companies, don’t issue travel insurance, we are always happy to glance over the policy details for clients booked with us. It is essential that everybody has the right policy for their individual circumstances and travel arrangements.

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