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What a fabulous weekend it has been in Liverpool….  As part of Cunard’s 175th year celebrations, all Three Queens arrived on Merseyside, albeit together for just a short time, but how wonderful it was to see.

The Queen Mary 2 arrived yesterday morning and in the evening a firework display followed the Amazing Graces projections.

 Today, she left her berth at 10.45am to greet her two sisters at the mouth of the River Mersey and then all three sailed majestically, in formation, back towards the city where Cunard began – Liverpool.

Three Queens sail in to the River Mersey in majestic formation

Three Queens sail in to the River Mersey in majestic formation

This afternoon, the Queen Mary 2 left and headed South for a stop at Guernsey before ending this part of the itinerary on Wednesday in Southampton.

The Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria will both be in port tonight until the Amazing Graces projections and a final firework display at 10.30pm signals the end of this wonderful weekend of celebration.  The Queen Elizabeth will set sail following the fireworks and will also head South where her current itinerary will end in Southampton on Wednesday also.

The Queen Victoria will remain in port and through to 4.30pm tomorrow where a special musical sail-away performance will say goodbye just prior to her sailing out from the city at 5pm.

With special itineraries to mark this anniversary, why not book your place on a Cunard cruise with us today.  What a year to choose to step aboard!!!

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