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2018 will see various legislative changes coming to affect that will impact on the majority of industries, including travel.  The first one, which comes in to effect mid-January, is a new regulation which will no longer allow businesses to pass on credit card charges to the consumer.  In some sectors, credit card charges are built in to the prices of the goods, however with travel agencies, this is not the case.   The new legislation will permit companies to instead charge a set service fee, however  the fee must also be applied to all other forms of payment and not just to credit card transactions;  I personally feel that this highly unfair to clients.  As the government has not built in a cap on credit card providers increasing their charges to businesses, you may agree that this could be most detrimental to companies long term.  In 2017, only 6% of payments taken by Lomani were via credit card therefore, we have taken the view that overall, it would be most fair to both clients and my company to cease accepting payments by credit card from January 1st 2018.  Payment by bank transfer and debit card will therefore become the only accepted payment methods thereafter.  This was not an easy decision to reach and we can only offer my sincere apologies in advance for any inconvenience that this may cause you.

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