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Have you ever arrived at a destination and been unable to book an excursion because it is already full or perhaps on previous holidays, you have wasted valuable time sourcing theatre tickets or trying to get an appointment for a spa treatment?

Our complimentary post booking concierge service now includes the facility to pre-book many excursions in destinations around the world as well as restaurants, theatre tickets, theme park tickets, spa treatments, rounds of golf and many other activities that are a vital part of your holiday enjoyment.

Lomani can pre-book your excursions... another value added benefit of booking with us!

Lomani can pre-book your excursions… another value added benefit of booking with us!

If you have a cruise booked and require help booking the shore excursions, we are here to help you with this process too.

It is our aim to make your holiday relaxation time stress and worry free.  Let Lomani Luxury Travel take care of all of the little extras that make a big difference.

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