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The last few days of June, and now in to early July, we have been awash with enquiries from clients – some wanting to travel within the next couple of months and several already planning ahead for 2015 or even in to 2016.

We can’t decide if this is as a result of the recent sunny weather or England not getting through to the next round of the World Cup.  It may be neither of these things but hey, we’re not complaining!!!

There has been a lovely itinerary to work on for a client wanting to visit Fiji.  Having been there, our knowledge and advice has been extremely beneficial to the client.  They just have to start counting down the days now until they finally get on that flight to paradise!

Honeymoons are high on many agendas for 2015, with current interests being the USA (including Hawaii), and the eternally popular Indian Ocean Islands.

Costa Rica is proving to be popular again for next year, as it was in early 2014.

A day at Lomani is never dull…  there is always something new to learn even when booking destinations that we have been to or have sold many times over the years.





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